The GREATEST Way to Promote Music Ads on YouTube and Get Actual Fans (Part 2)

So, Burstimo, you’ve shown me how to get hundreds of thousands of views on my music ads on YouTube

But is getting people to watch the first five seconds of your music ad on YouTube enough?

Everyone can get half a million views with this method.

But we are not in this game just for numbers. 

Nobody’s going to see those numbers anyway. Nobody’s going to see how many views you get, how many likes you get, how many new subscribers you get, how many streams on Spotify, how many Instagram followers you acquire…

The overall strategy should always be building a fan base to get people to spread the word organically and to do that we need to engage an audience. 

You need a fan base; that is how you get signed. That is how you grow and that is how you make money as an artist.

You are not going to be able to do that in just 5 seconds. Even half a million clicks to your music ad on Youtube is not going to create that fanbase.

You need to encourage people to watch the whole video.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule as some major labels use pre-roll ads. But usually, these are artists that people know already and are therefore targeted to an existing audience who they know has liked previous tracks, so in all likelihood, they will want to listen to the latest track too.

It is not getting rammed down people’s throats to get views; it is part of a strategy to keep engaging their audience.

What can an emerging artist do in the first 5 seconds of a music ad on YouTube?

You need to grab people’s attention, so you could get a famous person or influencer to be in the first 5 seconds. If you don’t know a famous person or influencer, a great site to browse is

Alternatively, you can have something insane going on in the first 5 seconds to entice people in to watching the first 30, and then hopefully all of it, if they like those 30 seconds.

These are the only two ways you should use pre-roll ads, otherwise all you are creating is an ineffectual numbers game.

Ask yourself the REAL questions when it comes to a successful music ad on YouTube

How do you get real people engaging with your music video?

How do you get them to watch the whole thing?

How do you create fans that DM you telling you how much they like your music and are now following you on Instagram?

Here’s how.

Try this alternative approach with music ads on YouTube

We need to flip our Youtube music ad around a bit using the Adwords platform.

This is how to properly utilise a Youtube music ad if you want to build a fanbase and not just get cursory views. 

Step 1

So, you’re going to select create campaign, then new campaign

Step 2

Instead of going to brand awareness (like we did for the pre-roll ads), select Product and Brand Consideration.

Scroll down and select video ads and the campaign subtype as Influence Consideration

This allows you to put properly placed ads on YouTube videos, so you can go out to everyone who is listening to music right now and show them a clickbait title to watch your music video.

Step 3

Select campaign name: let’s just call it clickbait title

Step 4

Again, like the pre-roll campaign, put in your campaign budget (e.g. £500), start date as soon as possible and pick an end date too.

Step 5

In this section we’re going to pick YouTube search results.

Step 6

Then pick all countries and English as language – it’s going to be an English title. 

Step 7

We will leave content exclusions as is:

Step 8

Time to define the audience, so, for example, we will enter in here: rock music listeners.

Step 9

For demographics, we select gender and age. In this case, we’re going to go for a young audience. It doesn’t matter about household income or parental status.

Step 10

For audience, we’ll select Rock Music Fans and Indie and Alternative Rock Fans.

Step 11

Content: I’m not going to select any topics, keywords or placements here as I want a wider audience for this method.

And we’ll set the cost per view at £5.

Why this type of music ad for YouTube is so powerful

For the video ad format, we are going to have Video discovery ad

We are not going to enter the actual title of the track, but instead, we’re going to have a clickbait headline such as ‘66% of people said this was the most brutal music video they’ve ever seen’.

Then for the description, you can put something like ‘most brutal music video’ (as shown in screenshot) and we can call the ad ‘clickbait’.

And here is what it would look like on YouTube:

Finally, click create campaign so it goes into review.

Why this ad format creates fans

So, with this title, people can get engaged; they read ‘66% of people’ and immediately want to know ‘will that include me, am I one of the 66%?’.

Chances are, they will click it and see if they think it is one of the most brutal music videos they’ve ever seen.

Instead of them being forced to watch, they have made their own decision and watch with that question in mind.

If they liked your music, they’ll subscribe, they’ll save it on Spotify and they’ve consumed your music for the right reasons. 

How to get the most out of this method

One of the best things about this type of ad is that you can essentially target everyone who is searching for similar artists to you.

For example, you can target everyone who searched for Drake and then your ad will come up in those results.

Everyone knows that it’s hard to get people’s attention, but to get them to invest three to four minutes, you’ve got to really sell your music video.

Think, what would it take to entice people to watch your music video? Whether you’re putting it in your Instagram bio, your Facebook page or DMing it to people – determine why people are going to click your video.

For instance, tell them that there is something epic that happens at two minutes, and that they have to see it, or that the entire video was created on a budget of $100 – add something of value to give them that extra reason to click.

Unlike Spotify, you could upload your music video with any title you want and change it later. So if you did only have $100 budget, then you can title it “This music video was made with only $100!”.  

When enough people click on it, you get the traction, and then people are watching it along with other music videos and the algorithm picks it up. Then you can change the title to artist and track title at a later date when you’ve got the views and the momentum behind you.

Other ways to use this strategy to your advantage

Another thing you can use is Facebook and Instagram ads. I love Facebook ads. Although, I know that Instagram can hold more appeal because there’s more younger people on it. 

Facebook is fantastic, but it is going to charge you a lot of money to get people away from Facebook. 

However, if you have a clip of your music video, you can comment the full music video URL for Youtube in the comments section. Facebook does not count it as taking people away from the platform if you select video views when you start your campaign. 

If you don’t know how to create ads, then watch this video tutorial to create Facebook and Instagram ads.

Essentially, what you do is create a short video clip and include the full video link in the comments and people will click through it.

It doesn’t even have to be a clip of your music video. It can be a trailer, a teaser, or even a meme which has your music in it to get people to watch.

In the comments, it says where the track is from, and people click it to hear the full music because they just found out by watching the seemingly unrelated video. They have ‘discovered’ your music, love it and are more willing to watch your full music video.

Another couple of YouTube tactics

If you don’t feel the need to have your music on your channel itself, you can also submit to YouTube playlists. There are so many playlists out there: search them on YouTube for your music genre, then go to the about section and submit your track to be considered. 

Okay, you won’t get the views on your channel, but if they’ve got a million subscribers because they have a reputation for uploading good music, then approach them with your video. You’ll find that you’ll get organic reach and people can subscribe to your channel anyway. Go to the ‘about me’ section of every related channel and this is where you can submit your music video. 

The final tip I have for you is to pay an influencer to be in your video. It’s worked so well for our artists, and it doesn’t have to be an actor, it can just be someone who has a strong fan base on Instagram or YouTube. I prefer using YouTubers because their fan base is more loyal and they’re used to seeing their face.

They don’t have to use hashtag ads because they were paid as an actor. Also, the algorithm will pick it up along with their YouTube videos in the suggested section and you will organically get views that way because they are in the music video.

What are you going to do with this info?

Today’s article was about how you build a good fan base and get real music video views with music ads on YouTube. I should imagine that your brain is teeming with ideas to try out!

Don’t forget to come back and visit us here on our blog or on our YouTube Channel for more music marketing tips.


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