Artists can only break if people are talking about them, therefore everything we do gives an artist the opportunity to have their music heard by a new audience and give that audience something to talk about.

Whether it’s launching a new track or announcing a global tour, we create campaign strategies tailored to the artist’s target audience and growth objectives. Once the campaign strategy is determined, we design and deploy creative concepts that bring it to life. Always focused on delivering return against objectives, for each campaign strategy we work with our artists to determine relevant key success factors and metrics, developing long-term relationships through which we monitor and build upon successes.

Using data and analytics to identify the best performing route, which is also the most cost effective and impactful, our campaigns are personalised to the artists based on strengths, previous successes, genre, style and personality.

We transform artist goals into success through an innovative marketing strategy with a uniquely creative focus. Our strategic approach drives artist growth, increases streams, builds fanbases and most importantly, creates opportunity.

With a full team of marketing experts consulting the artists, manager or label throughout the campaign, we work closely with every client to guarantee exposure.