Using extensive data and targeting the power of social media advertising has allowed artists to reach audiences unlike any other advertising platform before.

Our social media department is comprised of industry practitioners who pride themselves on understanding the depth of media channels that drive attention for artists. The media division consists of several disciplines including content creation, distribution, analytics and advertising technology to guarantee artist’s target audiences are hit.

The media division also has the unique advantage of working alongside our in-house creative team, allowing fast turnaround which enables us to adapt to current analytics and ensure the most impactful, cost-effective creative is being managed.

Across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok, we ensure the audience is captured, measuring engagement and conversion rates to control the reach at all times.

The team is constantly evaluating the full spectrum of platforms to determine where target audiences may be under-priced to reach, making each campaign unique to the artist, their aims and their dream fanbase.