7 Proven Steps to Reach 1m Views on your Music Video for 2021

Now that your track is mastered and released, you’ll surely be looking to get your music heard by as many people as possible, and that will mean promoting your music video too, if you have one. The level of reach you gain will depend on your previous online presence, plus your current fan base. If you already have a fan base on your social media or followers on Spotify, then this is the perfect platform for you to grow exponentially. If you are just starting out, then this is still the best guide for you.

We’ve written this article to ensure you are in the right place before you think about spending your hard-earned money on Music PR companies. This is every step we would take to get a band from 0 views or streams to their first 100,000.

In recent years, the way people consume music has changed drastically, with a staggering 626 million people listening to music via streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music worldwide in 2021. So, using your mailing list and spamming to Facebook groups are outdated techniques that simply won’t be effective anymore.

Before you begin these steps, you need to identify your target audience to ensure the people who you are getting your music heard by have the potential to become lifelong fans of your music, rather than simply tricking someone to click your music video in order to increase your stream numbers.

These are our first steps to get eyes on your music video so it can reach its full potential:

1. Reddit

Reddit is where most of the virals and stories you see on social media originate from, so this is the best platform to give your music the best chance of doing just that.

Reddit Logo

Reddit is described as your “Front page of the internet” where people can submit links. Users then vote on these links as to how relevant and useful they are. This lends itself to be the best possible platform to launch your music to a new audience.

Reddit is a huge platform now and is broken down into subreddits, which are essentially topics and groups.

These are the best subreddits to post your music:







Each subreddit will have their own rules on posting, so be sure to follow them. Modesty also goes down well on Reddit – anything that reads along the lines of “Best music video this year” will be downvoted in to oblivion. If you post your music and it doesn’t get any upvotes, try deleting the post and posting it again with a tweaked title 24 hours later, maybe you’ll catch people in a better mood, but it’s worth experimenting.

2. Find people who share similar music videos

The best people to target are those who are fans of other artists. Your fans aren’t going to come from nowhere, they are currently fans of other artists, so you need to identify which bands have a similar fan base to yourself and target their fans.

If you are an indie rock band and are looking to get more views on your music video, you can use lots of different search functions on social media to see people who have shared artists similar to you.

Catfish and The Bottlemen Sting tweet

For example, you could search Twitter for “Foster the People” or take their latest single and search the URL directly in to Twitter. Create a shortlist of all of the people who have shared that track, then DM them all saying something along the lines of…

“Hey, I noticed you shared the new Foster the People track, I absolutely LOVE that one.

Check out this track too, I hope you like it, and if you really love it feel free to share it! :)”

If you can get 10 people with 1,000 followers each to share your track, that’s a 10,000 person reach which has cost you absolutely nothing.

Bonus tip: If you have the budget, there is a fantastic online tool called Buzzsumo which allows you to search any link and it will show you who shared this link online and how many followers they have. This makes finding people to share your music much easier.

3. Get your track added to another YouTube channel

Artists aren’t utilising this one enough. Sometimes artists can be too precious about getting the views to their own YouTube channel, but our objective here is to get your music promoted to as many people as possible. If your music is good enough, they will find you and listen to your other songs.

Sam Fish Music YouTube channel

Almost every YouTube channel has a contact email address which allows you to submit your music, simply go to the channel and then the about section and click “view email address”.

4. Social Media

We know you’ve already done this, it’s the first thing most artists do when they release a new music video and want to promote it to the world – your own following is where it starts. But have you nurtured your followers enough for them to even see your posts?

Since Facebook changed their algorithm, you need to have a strategy in place which is going to let Facebook know that you have the potential to produce engaging content so it pushes your music video to a higher percentage of people who have liked your page. This is the same for all social media platforms.

You need to create a social media strategy which allows you to create posts which receive constant engagement, whether you are creating polls, challenges, blog posts or funny videos, it needs to be something which people can relate to and share.

We understand that as musicians this isn’t always what you’d like to be doing, and may not come naturally to you, but unfortunately, the social media algorithms have forced us to go down this route in order to reach a larger audience.

5. Facebook ads

Facebook logo and icons

Following on from Social Media, I wanted to include this tip because Facebook advertising can work incredibly well. However, we see so many artists making mistakes with Facebook ads for their music video which may be doing nothing more than wasting hard-earned cash.

You need to think about your audience’s current frame of mind, and the attention you give to sponsored posts when you scroll through your Facebook feed – how often do you stop and watch a sponsored video?

Because that is exactly how others are going to react to your music video. So, although Facebook can give you data which looks like incredibly high numbers, getting 100,000 views for as little as $300, what these views actually represent may be soul-crushing to you.

Facebook considers a view to being someone who watched the first 3 seconds of your video. That’s enough for people to simply scroll past and not even listen to a single note of your track.

If you are going to upload your music video directly to Facebook, you need to give people a reason to stop scrolling, turn their volume up and listen. You could do this by putting reviews on the video which validates why the video is worth watching, or you could put up a title such as “For fans of: Catfish and the Bottlemen”, then promote only to Catfish and the Bottlemen fans.

If you really wanted to be clever, you could run Facebook ads for 3 different videos, with different bands mentioned. For example:

Video ad 1
“For fans of The Hunna” as the title promoted to The Hunna fans

Video ad 2

“For fans of Blossoms” as the title and promote to Blossoms fans

Video ad 3

“For fans of The 1975” as the title and promote to The 1975 fans and so on…

You could direct each ad to your YouTube video (this is a lot more expensive than a direct upload to Facebook as you are taking people away from the platform), and you can be absolutely sure each view will be from a potential fan of your music.

6. YouTube ads

YouTube ads are an under-priced resource in marketing right now, not just for the music industry. What is fantastic about YouTube ads is how well you can target your audience. You can run your ad before other music videos or any other channels which may relate to your genre of music.

The reason that we love them so much is because you don’t have to pay unless someone either clicks through to your music video or they watch the full 30 seconds of your ad, so you really only have to pay if you get results.

You can set up your YouTube ad campaign by setting up a Google AdWords account and choosing a video campaign.

To set up a Youtube ad, simply go to your channel and enter the “Youtube Studio”. Find the video you’d like to promote and there will be a promote option. By clicking this you’ll be taken to Google Adwords where you’ll need to make an account in order to promote your music video.

7. Collaborations

Our final tip is to collaborate with others. If you are struggling to get views on your videos, you can plan ahead and offer to collaborate on a track with an artist or band who may have a bigger fan base than you right now, this will help raise awareness for your band and you can attract new fans from each other and potentially gain more exposure than you would alone.

Remember if you are getting 10,000 views on your videos, don’t reach out to someone who is getting 1m views, look for an artist at around the same level as you or slightly bigger, but you have to be able to offer them something, whether it is access to your fan base too, or perhaps money, but they won’t do it as a favour.

If you’ve found this article useful, you can read more music promotion tips here, or alternatively check out our YouTube channel for tons of advice and marketing videos.


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