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Get millions of views on your next music video, using these tips

Have you ever released a music video, only to find it gets a couple of hundred views, maybe even a couple of thousand if you’re lucky? You’re not alone.

We’re seeing far too many artists wasting their money on music videos because they believe the quality of the music video alone will bring in views but that’s not the case. If you don’t promote your music video, it won’t be seen and that’s just wasting your money

Imagine your music video gets millions of views overnight and you’re getting DMs left right and centre, you’re getting tons of streams, well you can make this happen.

At Burstimo we follow this strategy to make sure musicians are getting the exposure and the views they deserve on their music video and this has led to artists getting millions of views, their video getting played on national TV but most importantly, more fans.

I found an article the other day on Music Business Worldwide that stated More Music Is Played on YouTube than on Spotify, Apple Music and every other audio streaming platform combined. This stat blew me away and made us realise I had to do write this article, because the audience is out there for you guys, you just need to be promoting your music videos correctly to get in front of them.

I’m actually going to start on pre-release, showing you some tips of what you can do before the video is out because there a few things you can be doing which will secure your first couple of thousand views, which will trigger YouTube’s algorithm to push you out to more.


Before the video is out, you need to have a release date in mind – pick a week after audio. So once you have released your song on all streaming platforms, following up with more content that is prominent and fresh with audiences will prove to be a huge advantage to your strategy.

Announce the release date on socials, maybe have a countdown clock and premiere it on YouTube – current fans will watch it!.

You can also premiere the video using press, so having a blog or other outlet premiering the video can attract new audiences, as well as gain you credibility when writing a EPK or press release

Once released:

When trying to get press for your video, approach with the intention of getting a feature or review on the video.

Post on Reddit  – Music Videos, Ifyoulikeblank, Listentothis

YT ads – YouTube ads are an under-priced resource in marketing right now. What is fantastic about YouTube ads is how well you can target your audience, you can run your ad before other music videos or any other channels which may relate to your genre of music.

You can set up your YouTube ad campaign by setting up a Google AdWords account and choosing a video campaign.

To set up a Youtube ad, simply go to your channel and enter the “Youtube Studio”. Find the video you’d like to promote and there will be a promote option. By clicking this you’ll be taken to Google Adwords where you’ll need to make an account in order to promote your music video.

Social Media ads – create a short promo for you music video, put text over the top and run as an ad which is linked to your Instagram. Hard to do on FB as they don’t like you leaving the platform to go to YouTube, but if you can make a video that features the logos of all the different blogs that have featured you, and paint them all over the screen for the first 3 seconds, then you can get away with running your video as an ad.

Influencer Marketing – get major names to do swipe up stories, big budget can do a post and link in bio.

Micro influencers: type in a band similar to you, look to see who has shared one of their songs and dm them saying you love the band too and you have a similar style and you’ve just released a music video. Pin video to your page and then get retweets.

Create other content/build your audience – It sounds strange, but YouTube isn’t actually designed for music videos, so if you can fall into the content creator side of YouTube, you will be giving yourself the best chance of getting noticed.

BONUS TIP: Pay for a famous person to be in the video, now I know what you’re thinking…but it is possible, for example, famous YouTuber Liza Koshy was recently featured in a music video, when she had never been involved in anything like that before. So there is market there that not people are taking advantage of, it’s still a pretty new concept. And with the video currently at over 8million views and over 30 million streams, it wouldn’t be the easiest idea to pass up.


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