6 Simple Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Music PR Campaign

Hiring a music PR company to promote your release is a fantastic opportunity to raise your profile, securing high quality press and reach a wider audience, but it can also mean investing a sizeable amount of money, so it’s key you don’t waste the opportunity. The campaign could be what gets you to the next level, however you must help your music PR company along the way if you want to see the results, so here are 5 simple tips which will mean your next music PR campaign will secure the best results possible and is worth the investment.

1. Make Sure your Music is at its Best Quality

Before you approach a music PR company, make sure your music is top-notch, so the publicist has your best material to work with, reaching your full potential. The best music PR companies are bombarded with music from artists across the world, so make sure that your material is at its best, so it stands out amongst the rest and can have the most talented publicists on board. Far too many artists want to just get music out there and throw money at music PR companies to attempt to push them to the next level. However, it’s essential this music is a true representation of you, your sound and what you can bring to the industry, so you need to be spending time, money and effort on the material before doing anything else.

To be creating the best quality music, you need to be either investing your time or your money into the project. Investing your time, means learning a digital audio software to create your own music. There’s so many on offer nowadays and the internet has the educational material to teach you how to use them, so if you have the time, you can create high quality music simply from your bedroom! However, if you don’t have the time, you’ll need to invest money into the professionals and the studio time. Either is completely fine but whichever you choose, you need to guarantee that the music is at as high a quality as possible, so you can get the best results out of your music PR campaign.

2. Have All Your Other Assets Sorted

Although your music should be the main focus and be at its best, you also need the other assets alongside it. These assets are high res images, social media content, a distributor for the release and an artist bio. All of these things are essential to your music PR company as it can be what secures the press and helps get picked up by a major publication. Often, people will notice an email just from the main image alone, so these assets can be the make or break as to whether your promotional campaign is a success. The more your music PR team have to work with, the easier their job will be.

Collect all of these assets before the campaign so your music PR company can start working on the release as soon as possible and not have to wait around for you to get everything together. These items also don’t need to be expensive as you can take images yourself, write the artist bio with the help of Google and find a distributor online who can upload the track, ready for release date in minutes. All of these things take time but are essential and will be what impacts your campaign massively, so focus on putting in the effort so they’re at a high quality to match the quality of the music.

3. Know What you Want to Gain from the Campaign

Before you start any music PR campaign, make sure you know what you want to gain from it. Whether you have target media in mind or a certain number of streams, tell your music PR firm so they know what their targets are too. Be realistic but challenge the team at the same time. If you’re an artist that has zero coverage, don’t set the target of a front-page feature in a national newspaper, focus more on your niche and genre, whilst setting challenging targets that you’d love to achieve alongside your team.

Also know what you’ve hired the music PR company to do. If their specialities lie purely in press, then they won’t be securing radio play. Therefore, you need to hire a music PR company that specialise in what you want to achieve, so you know you have the best professionals working towards your targets.

Knowing what you want to achieve doesn’t necessarily mean having a number in mind. Each target may need a different way of measuring it. For example, measuring success on Spotify can only be done by seeing the number of streams but measuring success in press, doesn’t always mean the number of features but instead the quality of the features. You should aim for quality over quantity with the press side of things as 3 major blogs that have written in-depth features on your next release is worth much more than hundreds of features on small blogs that are just copy and pasting your press release.

4. Stay in Touch With your Music PR Company

If you’re working with a music PR company, you need to stay in touch with them constantly via email or phone. Without overdoing it, don’t be afraid to check in so you’re filled in on the progression of the campaign. However, you shouldn’t push your music PR team so that you’re emailing or calling every second, give them space to work and push your project as much as they can. You’d rather they spent their time working on the campaign and not talking to you all day!

Your music PR company should also be sending reports to outline who they’re speaking with and what coverage is coming through. Different companies send reports in different ways and at different times, but you should be expecting an update at least every 2 weeks so make sure you’re not emailing the day before asking for an update as the report is coming your way.

5. Promote your Promotion

It’s the job of a music PR company to gain promotion around your release but you also need to promote that promotion, so it reaches as many people as possible, you’re building relationships with the media by sharing the coverage and also allowing your fans to see that a release is out or coming soon.

To be promoting the coverage your music PR company have secured, you need to keep an eye on social media to see if the publications have tagged you in anything. If they have, make sure you share and reply/comment thanking them, so you build a rapport and show your appreciation.

Another way to building on the promotion you’ve secured is by creating your own social media content around the coverage secured. For example, if your music PR team confirmed a premiere on a high readership blog, you could get the publications logo and add it to a press image of yourself and share it on your socials. By doing this, your fans are prepared to see it premiere and you seem more credible as you’re being premiered by a large site.

6. Listen to your Music PR Team’s Advice

If you’re with a professional, established music PR company, they’re going to have years of experience of working with artists and knowing how to gain them strong exposure, so you need to let them advise you on how to progress and be open to what they have to suggest. You may disagree with them with what single to release first or what main image to run with for the press release but discuss it with them, rather than ignoring their ideas as they are the professionals and will have a reason for what they’re suggesting to you. Create that working relationship that you want for future projects by taking onboard any advice so you can progress together and hit your long-term goal.

The relationship between an artist and their music marketing company should be a close one, as your team should understand your aims, story and image so well that they can portray it to the media in a way which secures the best possible results. If your team know what you want to achieve, know what you’re about and what you want to portray to the world, then they know what’s best for you, so take any advice given to you so you can progress together.


A music PR company can make you blow up overnight but only if you’re following all of these tips, working alongside your team and taking advantage of every single opportunity given to you. If you follow these 5 simple tips, you’ll find your next music PR campaign to be your most successful one, securing the best results possible and building a relationship with your team, which will result in more amazing campaign in the future.


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