4 Free Tools to Keep Your Band Organised

Now that you’ve started a band and released music, there’s going to be a lot going on all at once. From live gigs, producing new songs, promotion, Merch, finances and just general band chatter.

Most bands will use something like a Whatsapp or iMessage group to keep each other informed with what’s going on. But that can become frustrating as perhaps two of your band members are trying to discuss the logistics of a live gig, while the other two are debating which video needs to get uploaded to the band’s social media next. Both are just important as the other

What ends up happening is that messages get missed because some members switch off when the conversation is about something that doesn’t concern them, or maybe you have to refer back to something, but there’s been so much chit chat since that key bit of information was posted it’s impossible to scroll back and find it.

So here’s our 4 FREE tools to get your band organised right now!

Slack Logo

Tool number 1 is Slack, it is the PERFECT solution to everything I have described above. Have you ever exchanged emails with the same group of people, but talking about various topics on a consistent basis, so you have to keep jumping around different subjects and things just get incredibly messy. That’s why slack was invented, and it’s what you need for your band.

Slack is an instant messaging app which is available on any device. It allows you to separate chats in to topics even though you’re chatting with the same group of people. You can choose who is included in each topic, so maybe only two of you actually book your gigs, so there’s no need for the other band members to be involved in those conversations, you can have a separate channels for marketing, songwriting, finances and even a general chat for everything else.

This app will keep your communication streamlined and make sure the right information goes to the right people.

Doodle Logo

This is the best tool for arranging rehearsals and songwriting sessions. Have you ever had an occasion where each band member has their own personal schedule, so organising times to meet up can be HELL.

Well Doodle to the rescue, this free app allows each member to enter the times they are available and Doodle will propose the most suitable times for your meetups where every band member is available.

Google Calendar Logo

Google Calendar allows you to create a shared calendar which all of your band can access and contribute to.

This means you can create a calendar which shows all of your upcoming gigs, rehearsals and songwriting sessions which is updated in real time and everyone can see.

Trello is an incredibly versatile app which allows you to use it in any way you like.

With Trello you create a series of boards, just like Slack you can divide everything in to various topics.

Each board has a series of lists, otherwise known as buckets. Here you can add various information, tasks or ideas and move them from list to list.

So for example you can create a board for your social media so you can organise your posts. You can have 3 lists, ideas, where band members can submit their idea for a post, scheduled/approved where when the band agrees on the post it can be scheduled, and a final list where posts can be moved to after they’ve been posted.


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