7 Ways To Get Your Music Out There That Really Work

“How to get your music out there!” you ask,

I hear your cry, the frustration, and lack of recognition in your voice!

You have done all the hard work in getting your track ready and out there. Only to get a few streams on Spotify that come from your family, friends, and social media followers you have gathered so far. 

How to get your music out there means you are going to have to tell more people about it, as they will help you get more momentum in getting your music out there.

If you have tried all the usual suspects like music influencer blogs, local press, radio, and SubmitHub, then I’m going to suggest seven more highly actionable ways how to get your music out there and in front of influential people, who could get your track more attention and interest. 

1. Music Supervisors, Take Aim, Pitch

Go to your LinkedIn account and search for music supervisors. The job of a music supervisor is to locate music that would work well on televisions or in the movies. The easiest way to connect with them is through LinkedIn by searching for “music supervisor.”

If you have no luck with this, you can try a site called RocketReach and use it to try and get the email addresses of the music supervisors you locate on LinkedIn.

To ensure that you find legitimate music supervisors, you can check the credits on TV shows or movies and see who the music supervisor is.  

Music supervisors will have a handful of shows or movies they are trying source music for. They usually work for a producer and are responsible for several music curations.

This is a good way how to get your music out there. The first thing that gets cut on a movie or TV show that goes over budget is the music, which is why so few major tracks are used on a movie soundtrack. This becomes your opportunity to pitch your royalty-free music. 

2. Potentially Get Onto Netflix

A skill that will do you well in learning how to get your music out there is to master networking and the pitch on LinkedIn. This time, look for videographers or filmmakers and attempt to connect with them all. They are easier to connect with than music supervisors because they love to expand their network. 

Filmmakers are useful to connect with as they might get paid to do a music video for you, or get commissioned to create a documentary, advert, short movie, etc., and it is their job to do all of the editing and post-production, hence often they will need to find music quickly, 

Their budget will always be limited, so anyone offering royalty-free music in their network could be called upon. Try and make sure it is you! 

If they choose you, your music could be used on a popular TV Advert, or on a documentary that does well or gets on Netflix. 

Imagine your track could blow up with a mostly free how to get your music out there method.

Orvieto, Italy, March 19 2020: Netflix logo on smart tv. Netflix streaming service for watching videos

3. Take the Option of Being Searchable 

One of the places that a production team of a TV show, documentary, video game, or any audiovisual production might look for appropriate background music, is a music library.

The good thing about music libraries is that the more established ones have an extensive list of clients across all media and locations. They can search their archives for the type of music they need for their current content requirements. 

They are always looking for music so that they will be warmer to your approach than most other options. They are a good choice as they could potentially put your music in front of many clients. With some careful consideration as to what keywords would describe your music tracks well, your track could show up in many searches. And end up being used in a significant audiovisual production. 

When you’re just getting started, considering music libraries could help you get that all-important foot in the door,

Some music library sites to look into are Musicbed, Artlist, Epidemic Sound, and Soundstripe..

4. How Reaching Out to Ordinary People can be Extraordinary

Reaching out to regular people on Instagram and Twitter is a potent method of how to get your music out there.

For this method, you look for artists on Twitter in the same genre as you who have released tracks recently and then find the people who shared their tracks.

Direct message these people who shared the music saying along the lines of 

“Thanks for sharing that track, I absolutely loved it. Would you like to check out my music as they inspired me to make my music.”

People will give you feedback, and the chances are that as they shared the original artist, they are very likely to share your music too. If you do this every day, you can potentially get shares of your music every day, 

Here you can watch a more detailed description of how to get your music out there with Twitter.

5. Influencing the Influencer

If you can pitch your music to an influencer on Instagram and they fall in love with your music and your profile, then they will help you get your music out there. 

The best way to contact them on Instagram is to reply when they post a story. They are more likely to take notice of this than a reply to a regular post or by DM. They will be looking for opportunities to engage and for the people who are engaging with their content. 

If you go straight for the DM, you’ll be going in cold, and once they have replied to you a few times on their profile, they will recognize your name and are more likely to read a DM you send them.

Never beg them to share your music, but ask their opinion on your music track and if they like it. If they reply, you won’t go into the requests pile, but show up in their notifications. When you release your next track, you can let the influencer know that you have released a new track.

Continue to engage with them on their profile and let them know that if they have a piece of content that they need music for, they are more than welcome to use your song royalty-free.

6. Become the Counter-Strike for Copyright Strikes

YouTubers are always looking for royalty-free music, and not enough artists are pitching to YouTubers. It is an opportunity that is wide open and a great how to get your music out there technique.

YouTubers are forever getting copyright strikes, so the offer of royalty-free music is going to be music to their ears. So, opt-out of the content ID on your track, and they can use your music without worrying about a copyright strike.

Have a listen to see what music is in the background and the kind of content they create to determine whether your music might be suitable and if it is, then go and pitch to them. To pitch to Youtubers, you can find their email address in the About Me section of their YouTube channel.

If they ask for the Mp3 version, then send it to them. They will appreciate it as you have saved them from getting a copyright strike. Some YouTubers may use the same track over and over again, as it is so difficult to find a music source to rely on and that their audience likes.

This strategy can result in multiple plays. In addition to this, they will put your artist name and track name in their description and maybe even your Spotify link. If people really like your music, they will stream your song from Spotify.

Some influencers on YouTube have Spotify Playlists that their audience listens to constantly. If you got your music played on a Casey Neistat video, then it will go to his playlist, and people will stream it.

7. Don’t Forget the Twitchers

A Lot of artists have been successfully pitching to Twitchers. Again this is another underutilized method on how to get your music out there.

There are not many artists who pitch Twitchers, and they are ideal for pitching to as they have millions of live views on all of their videos. Their playlists are not updated often, and they loop the same song over and over in the background while they play video games, during the break and even when they are speaking.

Twitch is not just for video gamers these days either; there are live streams of all sorts of things, like sport and skating and just chatting.

You can find their contact details via any of the contact strategies mentioned, like finding their email address on YouTube, or by finding them on Instagram

How to Get Your Music out There Conclusion

So as you can see, this is not your average article full of fluff, but real actionable advice that can really help your get your music out there.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, and any connections you make could result in a windfall of track listens and new fans.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the subject of music promotion is concerned. Burstimo has many more words of wisdom to share, so do come back often! 


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