How To Get Fans Without Social Media | Music Promotion Tip

Struggling to understand social media or perhaps you’re just not a social media person, don’t fret… there are still ways to gain new fans.

Social media is fantastic for emerging artists. It creates a personal relationship between the artist and the fans, it gives musicians the opportunity to reach a wider audience and it adds value to the consumer, meaning when you do want to sell something, they’re more likely to purchase.

However, social media isn’t for everybody. We know that you might hate uploading to Instagram, you cringe at the idea of talking to the camera, so today I’m writing this article for those people.

I’m going to give 2 different ways your social media haters can start to build your fans online using content creation outside of the typical social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


In 2018, 76.8% of people listen to podcasts for more than 7 hours each week. I truly believe podcasts aren’t getting the attention they deserve from the music industry right now and that’s why I’m telling you about it because if you get on this hype first, you’re going to be much more likely to grow an audience.

Society as a whole love taking in content, we’re obsessed and if you don’t feel comfortable creating the usual talk to the camera Instagram Stories or doing a tour vlog, then podcasts are for you. 

Podcasts allow fans to consume content on the go. I listen to podcasts on my way to the office, while I’m making dinner, in the shower, you can consume them anywhere so podcast listeners are growing every year and it’s an audience that musicians can start to take advantage of. 

Firstly, what do you need. This completely depends on how much you want to spend but you can do this completely free using your phone. Find a quiet room at home, maybe even sit in a closet or something, and speak to your phone. That audio can then be uploaded to all different podcast programmes such as Spotify, iTunes, Podcast Player by using an uploader such as Buzzsprout. 

If you want to spend that little bit extra to have high quality audio, you can invest in a microphone. I wouldn’t suggest spending tons to begin with until you have the audience. Once you’ve got listeners, that’s when you can start to invest.

But what should your podcast be about? It can literally be about anything!

For example, english indie pop band Blossoms have created a podcast called Blossoms Pubcast. The band sit down weekly and record themselves having a chat in their local pub over a beer. That’s it!

You can discuss your journey as a musician, documenting what’s happening throughout your music career or perhaps you have another passion outside of the music.

If you’re thinking, this won’t get me streams or new fans – that’s where you’re wrong. Creating content outside of the music gives something more to fans and right now, there’s too much music out there to just create music and hope to get new fans. You’re competing with millions of others and creating a podcast can make you stand out, increase fan loyalty and also act as free marketing.

You can easily plug your latest release, your gig, some merch throughout the podcast and because it’s your podcast, it’s completely free! If you’re constantly giving by creating free podcasts, when you do finally plug something like a show, your listeners won’t be tempted to flick off.

You can also start making money from podcasts because if you have dedicated listeners, you can start to get podcast sponsors who pay you to mention them within the episode. So, say your podcast was about playing guitar, you might find a guitar brand want to sponsor an episode and all you have to is mention that brand. 

Podcasts also allow you to make creative merch. You might have a podcast slogan or a joke that keeps coming up within your podcast, which would mean you could put it on a t shirt or jumper and sell it. 

Another amazing positive that can come out of this, is the chance to build relationships – bring in guest, interview people, meet industry professionals. It’s your podcast, the possibilities are endless.


Another way to put out content to increase your fan base but staying clear of social media still, is having a blog. 

77% of internet users still read blogs. This shows there’s an audience out there and if you’re not into creating social media content, you’re not really into having your voice recorded, then blogging could be for you.

Blogging is exactly the same as podcasts but written. So firstly, you need to find your niche, whether this is documenting your journey, blogging about the instrument you play or perhaps something entirely different.

The best way to do this is to have a blog section on your website as this would mean extra traffic to other areas of your site such as your music.  Blogs increase website traffic by up to 6x so if you’re blogging about guitars, you write a fantastic blog and start ranking on google for a certain guitar review, you’ll have thousands looking at your website, where your music will be linked, your bio, your music videos – potentially getting new fans.

Key things to remember when having a blog is to be consistent. There’s no point documenting your journey if you’re only going to upload once every 3 months. Upload as often as you can and that doesn’t mean full essays.

Blogging industry statistics confirm that the best length for a blog post is 1,600 words, so that will take you an hour a day, nothing if it means getting new fans. 

Also remember to include images and titles as the majority of people skim articles and if you include enticing images and subtitles, they can skim it quickly and work out whether they want to read on. 

Both podcasts and blogs are fantastic for an artist’s growth. We’re doing the same! We upload blog posts and podcasts weekly and the response we’ve had is fantastic and it’s not different for you.


if you’re wondering what style will best suit you, experiment, speak to fellow musicians, and make sure that whatever you choose, be honest and true to what you are doing, as audiences can tell when something is forced. Use these methods to connect and grow relationships with people who will eventually become your fans.


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