Hack Instagram’s algorithm and grow your fanbase overnight with these tips

When you’re building a brand around your music, it’s super important to have a loyal fanbase on Instagram. Over an eighth of the population are on Instagram with over 1 billion monthly active users, so the potential fans you can gain by simply uploading images and videos to Instagram, is insane.

Do you want image uploading content and getting thousands of likes within the first few minutes, getting hundreds of DMs every day from fans saying they love your music and brand approaching you to do collaborations due to your engaged audience, well this article is going to explain how you can secure that. 

All of these tips are completely free to do and will increase your fanbase exponentially if done correctly, so let’s discuss how you as a musician can start growing your Instagram following today 


We’ll start with the most important thing about your Instagram as a musician and this is the content you’re putting out.

The content you put out to the world is entirely your brand in 2019. Take Lewis Capaldi for example, he’s secured 2.3 million followers on Instagram, leading to his album going number 1 and being the fastest selling album of 2019. 

This is purely down to his content but of course you can’t just copy his content and hope to go number 1, you need to be original. 

The content you can create is broken down into 3 main areas and the content you chose to create depends entirely on your personality and the brand you want to put across – entertain, educate, document.

Caption & Hashtags:

Now you know the style of content you’re putting out; you need to use the most engaging caption and the correct hashtags to reach a wider audience. 

A compelling caption will lead to more engagement and engagement is one of the key factors that’ll hack the Instagram algorithm, pushing you out to a wider audience. Within your caption, try to get your followers to engage, so you could ask a question or get them to tag a friend. Start a conversation so that the content involves them rather than is just shoved in front of them as that isn’t as enjoyable for the consumer.

The hashtags are how you’re going to start getting your content outside of your immediate audience, so it’s important you’re using the right ones. You can use a tool such as, which will recommend hashtags fitting to a key word. As well as this, search a hashtag you’d want to use, click on some of the top performing posts within that hashtag search and see what hashtags they’re using. 


Now your content is out, you need to be engaging with your audience because as I already mentioned, this is how you’re going to get the Instagram algorithm on your side.

If you’re putting out that high quality content with compelling captions and the appropriate hashtags, you’ll be getting comments. You need to be reply to every single comment you get, even if it’s a bot from the hashtags as Instagram will count it as engagement either way. The same with negative comments, reply to them all as Instagram cannot tell whether your comments are negative or positive, they can just see it’s getting engagement. 

Clever tip for this one is reply to comments with a question as this will lead to further engagement. So, if someone comments ‘love this photo’, you could reply ‘so glad you like it, would you be interested in seeing more of this kind of stuff on my feed?’. The more engagement the better. 

You can also engage with your fans via DM, so try to be messaging every single follower to start a relationship.


My final tip is taking advantage of Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories are used by 500 million users every day. This allows spontaneous content, so post as often as you can, and take advantage of the features e.g. Polls, Q&A’s, Quiz and Sliders

Get your audience involved!


If you want your Stories to be reaching more of an audience outside of your immediate fanbase, you can use hashtags within your Story. Take your picture or video, use the appropriate hashtags and upload. You can easily hide the hashtags within the image if you use the same colour hashtags as the background and it’s so simple to do. You’ll get way more views on your Story, which will lead to a growth in following also.


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