Get on Spotify Official Playlists With These 3 Key Tips

Are you Tired of Releasing Music but not Getting Added to Spotify Official Playlists?

Do you look at other artists who don’t have as good music as you and wonder how they managed to get on Spotify official playlists? Even though you submitted your track, the Spotify curators somehow favored their track over yours.

Just imagine if your track was added to a Spotify official playlist. Think about what it would do for your career:

  • You’d start earning a significant income from your music
  • You’d start getting more and more fans
  • And potentially reach millions of streams
  • It would validate all the time and effort that you have put into your music.

Some of the artists we’ve worked with have been added to some of the biggest Spotify playlists, like New Music Friday, R&B UK, RapCaviar, New Pop Revolution and so on. 

Tell us in the blog comments which of the Spotify official playlists would be the dream choice for your type of music.

Getting on Spotify Official Playlists – It’s Not What You Think

After working with these artists, it has become apparent that three significant factors play an essential role in getting added to Spotify official playlists. Every artist in this situation does them, so it is no coincidence they are included on their chosen Spotify official playlist.

You’re probably thinking it is something to do with the labels like owning shares in Spotify or having Spotify in their pocket. 

But the truth is, that’s not the case at all.

The labels aren’t investing in Spotify, as they have their own audience. Spotify has a mass audience and is the most popular streaming platform. So if anything, Spotify has the labels in their pockets.

To prove it, look at New Music Friday right now:

Look at all of the artists that are on that playlist. and click on a release:

Scroll down to the bottom, it will tell you who it is released through.

When you look through others on the list you will see that the percentage of major label released artists on there is always between 30% and 50%. 

And that means up to half the playlists is for independent artists or artists that are assigned to non-major labels. 

The Starting Block to Getting Onto Official Spotify Playlists

So I want to show you how to get added to your first major Spotify playlist. We consider a major playlist to have over 100,000 followers and a flagship playlist. A flagship playlist is one where you go to the Browse section, pick a genre, and it is one of the top 5 playlists there that everyone listens to.

Spotify is continually creating new playlists for emerging artists that are niche and allow emerging artists a chance. These playlists start on zero followers and it takes a while for them to build up, but at least when you get added to one, you know you are on the radar of one of the curators. 

The only way to get on the radar of the curators is by filling in the Spotify for Artists form. Here you can see a video on how to fill in the Spotify Artists Form, so you know this process and precisely what we put in the form that got a small emerging artist on New Music Friday amongst other Spotify official playlists.

The Essential Key to Landing on Major Spotify Playlists

What you need to know for my three tips to work is that you need to understand it from Spotify’s point of view.

I know that’s difficult as an artist because all you want to do is make great music and get it on a playlist and have people listen.

To make these tips work, you need to consider that it is the Spotify curators job to make this playlist the best experience possible for the person who is paying for Spotify as a service. 

They need to make it a good experience and also get as many streams as possible from the playlist. Spotify is a business that competes with the likes of Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube Music who are all hot on their heels trying to take their market share.

So when a user clicks the playlist and has a scan of the playlist, they will want to see some recognizable artists on the playlist. 

So if they are a rap fan or a rock fan, they’re going to look at which artists are on the playlist. They will want to have heard of most of the artists because then they know it is a good playlist, and worth listening to. 

If the curator picks 40 tracks because they are good, but no one’s heard of them, the chances are, the user is not going to be convinced to stream this playlist and will find another playlist. 

So this all comes into consideration when a curator decides to put you on a playlist. 

There are three things that the curators are looking for. 

Spotify Curator Question #1: Can you build a fan base? 

Can you demonstrate that you are able to build a fan base when they visit your Instagram account?Does it show that you have fans? Are they engaged or have you just faked your numbers with follow for follow? 

Are you putting up pictures of venues where you have sold out, or do you have fans wanting to take photos with you? 

Or are you just showing pictures of you with a rented Lamborghini? 

Spotify Curator Question #2: Are You Worth the Investment?

Are you putting out good music consistently? A lot of artists will put out one track and expect to land on Spotify official playlists. And it’s possible that it did get on the radar of a curator. 

But for a first release, a curator can’t just put you on a significant playlist and hope that you will release again. You need to prove to them that you are in it for the long haul with release after release. 

So if you’ve put out a single, an EP or an album, are you going to put out again regularly or are you going to quit your career because it didn’t happen? Or maybe it was just a side project to see if you would be discovered? 

Curators need to see that you are worth the investment because they have limited slots available on these playlists. 

So are you going to stop releasing because someone else nabbed that slot and if they gave it to you, are you going to release again?

Are you going to build on the momentum that it gives you and become an artist that they want to support continually? 

Or is it just going to be one release and you give up?

You need to show that you are continually releasing good music. It is essential to release singles regularly. And the primary reason why is because you can show your progress release upon release. If you have released an EP or an album, then some of your best songs could get lost in that collection of songs.

Spotify Curator Question #3: Have You Made it Easy For the Curator?

Have you done your bit for Spotify? 

Have you filled in your bio comprehensively? 

Does your image look good? 

Because when people are listening to the playlist, your artwork comes up, the curator does not want people to view terrible artwork when people are listening to their playlist.

Make sure you’ve got good artwork, a good cover photo and also a good collection of pictures, this will make their platform look better, and then that playlist seems better.

Get a professional photoshoot done if you need to.

You could even use the new canvas feature, which is a looping video which people can watch when they are listening to your track. Some artists also put hidden messages or meanings within these looping videos to complement the message in the track. 

A Bonus Spotify Official Playlists Tip

This is a point which the major labels are doing right now, and you can replicate,

If you ever get into the viral charts, you get added to a significant playlist, AND then you also get added to your country’s viral charts. 

What you’ll know about viral charts is you move up and down your place on the playlist. So the more streams you are getting in real time you can overtake artists on that playlist.

So my best advice is that if you hit the viral charts and you’re running Facebook ads, Instagram ads or you have an engaged audience, don’t link them to your track, but link them to the stream on that playlist. 

Then you’ll find that because people are streaming on that playlist, you will move up the charts.

This can get you many more streams and have an exponential effect. And you might even end up number one on your country’s viral charts.

Are There Any Exceptions to the Rules?

If you’re wondering if there’s any exceptions to these rules, the only way I know is through the EDM genre. I find with EDM you don’t need as significant a social media presence and fanbase to be able to get added to major Spotify official playlists. It tends to be more about your music and your reputation in the industry. 

So if you are an EDM artist then look into collaborating with other producers to get your first significant playlist potentially and onto the radar of the curators. 

Then, when you release again on your own, you will get added to a Spotify official playlist or even New Music Friday, as you’ve already been tagged as an artist who has been on an official playlist before. 

Go Forth and Prosper with Your Playlist Endeavors!

Share this article with your band mates, your manager, your label so that they focus less on ineffectual pitching and trying to get in front of the right people. Instead, encourage them to concentrate on following these guidelines to get on Spotify official playlists.

Success is not about getting in front of the right person, but growing as an artist, creating a good user experience with your fans and becoming an artist worth investing in.

I hope you found this article useful and that you get on the Spotify Official Playlists of your dreams. Any questions, feel free to pop them in the comments below. And keep coming back for more timely music advice, both here and on our Burstimo YouTube Channel.


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