4 Ways To Get More Spotify Streams

One of the things we get asked the most as a music marketing agency is ‘how do I get more Spotify streams?’. You create good music, so why aren’t more people finding you on Spotify and streaming your tracks?

You are not alone!

Are you wondering why you have good quality music, but struggle to get 1000 streams – let alone a million!

Imagine what it would feel like if you woke up the day after your music release and you’d already hit a few thousand streams, and even as you watch, the streams are steadily growing.

This article will show you the 4 best ways how you can get more Spotify streams and make this a reality. These three things will ensure that people are directed to your Spotify, listening to your song, and becoming a valuable fan!

It is totally doable, even for the newest artist on the block.

Get more streams tip #1

The best place to start with this is by doing the basics: submit to Spotify by using Spotify for artists.

Filling in the form on this page will ensure that your music is heard by Spotify’s editors, in other words, the people who create the playlists that can generate millions of streams.

If you get your track onto a Spotify curated playlist, you can get huge streaming numbers, secure fans, and potentially grab a position on the viral charts.

Now, this process requires your distributor to submit your song ideally 3 or 4 weeks before the track release date, so you can pitch to the editors of different playlists.

Playlists like New Music Friday are curated one week beforehand, so at a push, a week beforehand can work well.

But the longer you give the editors to listen and potentially put you on a playlist, the better. 

In the last question of the form, you get to sell your track.

Explain to Spotify why you’re worth listening to, how you will bring people onto the Spotify platform, and what your plans are for promotion.

You might find this video useful in assisting you with this step:

How to pitch to Spotify editors

In this video, we submit to Spotify editors via Spotify for Artists. The example we used in the video actually went on to get that artist placed on New Music Friday UK.

So, to summarise this hot tip on how to get more Spotify streams

(1) Get a distributor to get your track on Spotify for artists

(2) Go niche – this will give you a better chance of specific playlist placement

(3) Fill in the Spotify for Artists form as comprehensively as possible and don’t be afraid to big yourself up! (Just don’t lie or brag about stuff!)

Get more streams tip #2

Getting your music placed on playlists is the one of the best ways of securing quality exposure, growing an audience and of course, getting more streams.

Whilst using the Spotify For Artists form is undoubtedly a great place to start, you can also try using external services such as Playlist Hunter to get yourself onto user curated playlists, specific to your genre.

The tool crawls through Spotify playlists and finds contact emails for the curators of those playlists. With this information, you can then pitch your music directly to the curator and convince them that your track is worth adding to the playlist.

The best way to do this is simply sending a polite email to the curator letting them know that you admire their playlist and asking them if they would consider adding your track to it. Try not to be too pushy in your sell, but instead, show that you have done your research and even listened to the playlist by mentioning one of the artists on there that you like, or compare your own music to.

Get more streams tip #3

The next key to more streams is actually using other platforms and directing followers from your social media sites to Spotify.

Some people may see this as cheating the system as there is a stigma attached to ‘buying’ streams.

But if it works, you can reach an audience that you haven’t before and achieve more streams.

You can try directing people from Instagram or Facebook to Spotify to stream your music for as little as $5 a day – and you can monitor what works and what doesn’t.

When it comes to crafting your ad, don’t just include a basic screenshot of your profile or artwork -it simply isn’t imaginative enough.

You need to grab attention and make people want to swipe up, or watch a little more.

It could be a short promo video, with credibility like ‘featured in’ or ‘as heard on’ and the associated logos plastered over the video. This will help give viewers confidence that your ad is worth clicking.

Alternatively, it could be a teaser like ‘can a song have the word strong in 20 times and still be awesome?’


We’ve been compared to Billie Eilish. Do you think we sound like her?’ (With this option, you can run ads to her fans too!)

The idea is this: you want to encourage people to stream the song without actually directly asking them to do so. This way, it appears to be their decision, rather than a pushy advert.

You can do this by invoking their curiosity and using your imagination. 

Note that videos are more visually appealing, get higher engagement rates and offer more scope for creative advertising. 

The key thing to consider here is the cost per click. Look at what it costs for people to click through to your Spotify link, whether that is a swipe up or a direct link on the feed.

Experiment with the content and your audience, especially if the clicks are really expensive.

If you’d like a more in-depth tutorial on this, check out how to run social media ads, as we know ads can be tricky, and this will make the learning curve a little easier.

Get more streams tip #4

You might not have thought about this much, particularly when it comes to streaming, but make sure that you have the right release strategy.

You might be thinking, ‘how does the way I release my music impact the marketing and getting more streams?’

In a world where there is so much competition, you need to ensure that you release it correctly.

In fact, it can have a significant impact on the number of streams you get.

The best way to get a higher amount of streams is to release your tracks as singles, not a full album.

This makes it easy to implement tip one (submitting tracks via Spotify for artists) and makes the most of each track you produce.

If you release in album format, you have to select one song only for the editors to consider, which means the rest of the tracks on that album will be left out and not streamed, and you cannot submit them later as individual tracks.

If you are advertising with social media ads, people are more likely to listen to a few minutes (and they may be primed as they have heard some of the track from the ad already) rather than a full album, especially if you are new to them.

So, releasing tracks one at a time is a very viable way of getting more Spotify streams.

Bring on the Streams

So those are four ways that you can get more Spotify streams and finally get the recognition your music deserves.

If you’ve got any other suggestions, make sure to tell us about them in the comments. 

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to look out for the next one and feel free to delve into what we have here already. 

(Or you prefer video, check out the Burstimo YouTube Channel.)


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