How To Write The Perfect Song For TikTok

With TikTok becoming one of the biggest drivers of viral hits in the past year, getting your song on TikTok is something that artists should be taking seriously when it comes to promotion and getting your music heard.

When thinking about getting your music onto this platform, the first thing you need to know is that you have to posses specific elements that make your song suitable for TikTok. You have to think about how it could be used by people on the platform, and if you don’t think it has these qualities, then you can start to write with the intention of making your music more suitable.

If you are wondering what TikTok actually is, then let me explain…

TikTok is a platform that allows users to create and share short form videos. The videos are normally funny little gags, or light pieces that entertain and get audiences reacting and sharing. TikTok was launched in 2017, and now has 500,000,000 monthly users. 29% of users use the app daily, and on average users are spending 52 minutes on the platform every day. Comparing this to Facebook where users are spending about an average of 58 minutes a day, and as Facebook has been active for 15 years, you can see how fast TikTok is growing, and how much potential it has at this current time.

If you believe that TikTok is not for you, or that your style would not fit then don’t force yourself to post, you can instead use your efforts to promote your music through other prominent platforms such as Instagram or facebook.

The feeling some people have towards TikTok is that it is for young teens, and is a bit childish, but this is not the case. People of all ages are engaging with it in some way, and you may be interested to know that Major labels are looking at TikTok and taking note of what is doing well, or what people are responding to.

Now, if you look at the app, you will find that any and all genres are welcome. On the ‘For you’ page, they have country, hip-hop, pop and old school anthems all in one place, but there are 3 things that the songs that have blown up have in common.

Keep The Song Catchy:

Whether it’s the lyrics, the melody or a riff that people latch onto, getting people to remember your hook, and have that in their head all day is a sure way of turning someone into a fan, that wants to listen to more of your music.

A recent example is Stunna Girl’s ‘Runway’, TikTok users took this short snippet from her song, that had an outlandish and comedic quality to it, and this has propelled her to hit around 15,000,00 streams on Spotify.

Write Straight Forward Lyrics:

When people are trying to come up with ideas for inspiration, they may turn to the lyrics of a song. If you gave audiences a chance to act out something like a scenario, or an event that you detail in a part of your song, then you are giving creators a chance to take your idea and run with it in their own way.

For example, singing about a dance routine is something that blows up on this platform. You are giving the users something to bring to life, and this can be a way that people can show their personalities and their fun, playable side, which is what the platform caters too.

Write a Part That Can Be Taken Out Of Context:

Just like the lyrics will have a quality that allows the user to bring to life a certain dance or routine, having a small gimmick that is 15 seconds or under (15 seconds being the maximum duration of a TikTok video) will make the user easily take this part out of the song and turn it into a video. You can look at stating a fact about anything and everything, there is nothing too strange to work with!

By turning this into your hook as well, you will instantly get attention from creative minds trying to explore and film new videos.

In Conclusion:

So, as you could probably tell, we here at Burstimo are strong believers that TikTok has the audience and the tools to help artists get their music heard. The last little bonus fact I’ll throw in here, is the fact that if you see popularity on this one app, it can mean that you may be shared by users on other platforms such as facebook or instagram, and see rapid success through other forms of social media.

Now, you don’t have to write specifically for TikTok, and if you really don’t think its for you, then that is absolutely fine, but if you see any qualities that I’ve listed here in your own music, then we do suggest taking a look and seeing if your song would fit.


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